Mumbai’s Top Real Estate Developers in 2023.

February 28, 2023

Real estate is a booming industry in India. In a nation the size of India, the real estate industry is vast and home to several Real Estate Developers. Making a decision from such a big list could be difficult. Mumbai is home to a lot of renowned Real Estate Devlopers. “Top 5 Real Estate Developers in Mumbai 2023” list is available to assist you in your home-buying journey. When it comes to investing in real estate in Mumbai, choosing one of the Top 10 Developers in Mumbai can offer you peace of mind and confidence in your investment. Look out for these top builders if you are house-hunting in 2023.

Kalpataru Group

With an unwavering commitment to the highest architectural standards, Kalpataru has constructed numerous projects in Mumbai, Thane, and Pune since its inception in 1969, which serve as testaments to their dedication to excellence, and have significantly improved the living standards of urban India. Having received 100 honors and global recognition, it has met homebuyers’ expectations by delivering their dream homes promptly. For 50 years, Kalpataru has built trust by completing 105 iconic projects, supplying over 21 lakh square meters to 18,000 happy families, and operating in nine Indian cities.  Some of the ongoing projects are Kalpataru Vivant , Kalpataru Vienta, and Kalpataru Eternia

62 Projects in Mumbai

44 Completed | 1 Ongoing



One of Mumbai’s top real estate developers, Lodha Group was founded in the year 1980. Since its founding, the company has built some of Mumbai’s most recognisable buildings and made a substantial contribution to changing the city’s skyline. It is run by a competent group of experts who have a wealth of cross-functional experience, technological proficiency, and exceptional subject knowledge. In addition to various developments in London, Mumbai, and Pune, it is an international firm with offices in New York, Dubai, Singapore, and Shanghai. Some of the ongoing projects are Lodha Crown, Lodha Bellevue, and Lodha Codename Evergreen.

94 Projects in Mumbai.

29 Completed | 5 Ongoing.

Lodha Apartments - Real Estate Developer In Mumbai


In India, one of the most well-known real estate firms is Godrej Properties. Since 1990, Godrej Properties has completed diverse residential and commercial projects across India. With a legacy of trust spanning 125 years, the company incorporates values of innovation, sustainability, and excellence from the Godrej Group, while emphasizing cutting-edge design, technology, and sustainability in the real estate industry. Godrej Properties is well-known for its high-quality construction, innovative design, and outstanding customer service. In recent years, Godrej Properties has received over 250 awards and recognitions. Some of the ongoing projects are Godrej Ascend, Godrej City and  Godrej Highlands

26 Projects in Mumbai.

10 Completed.

Godrej Properties - Real Estate Devloper In Mumbai.

L&T Realty

With its real estate branch, L&T Realty, the company has effectively entered the real estate market with its wealth of knowledge spanning more than 80 years in the construction sector. L&T Realty has had consistent growth since its founding by upholding the ideals of ethics, quality, certainty, and diligence. By prioritizing a client-focused approach and consistently striving for excellence, it has revolutionized the real estate industry in India. L&T Realty now has a wide range of residential, commercial, and retail projects throughout West, South, and North India.  They dedicate themselves to this work. Some of the ongoing projects are 77 Cross-roads and Elixir Reserve Powai. 

7 Projects in Mumbai.

3 Completed.

Prestige Group

The Prestige Group, established in 1986, has grown to become one of India’s most renowned and prosperous Real Estate Developers under the leadership of CMD Irfan Razack and his brothers Rizwan Razack and Naaman Razack. Prestige is present in a variety of market sectors, including the commercial, residential, retail, leisure, and hospitality sectors. Ongoing project is Bellanza at The Prestige City.

6 Projects in Mumbai.

3 Ongoing.


Choosing a real estate developer and property can be overwhelming due to the uniqueness of each project. However, top developers in Mumbai are meeting the evolving needs of buyers by offering modern design and state-of-the-art amenities in ongoing projects. With a successful track record, reputable developers in Mumbai are providing elegant housing options to meet the high demand for residential and commercial properties Therefore, the key is to decide on a budget, choose a suitable area, and research amenities that fit your lifestyle. We at, have you covered if you need to find  to Buy/Sell/Rent   a property or a project of your dreams.

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